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Jewett Deluxe Roadster

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Built in Detroit- Michigan, USA, in the days of four-cylinder cars, the Jewett Paige has a powerful 6 cylinder engine that was designed for the hill country of the mid-western states. These Jewett Sixes were New Day Cars for New Day Needs. In 1926, these Jewett's were promoted as cars of amazing spirit – real beauty and unlimited stamina. They were the first quality sixes ideal for the wealthiest men in the land. They were produced to last.

  • Chassis #: 19L-323175

  • Imported from Australia – First Registered in New Zealand in April 2011.

  • Ground Up Restoration in 2012

  • New Tyres, New Wiring, all reupholstered

  • Engine, transmission, diff and all mechanicals overhauled or rebuilt.

  • Runs and Drives Very well

  • Mint Condition Throughout

  • Very rare car – could well be the only one in New Zealand if not the world!

While Jewetts weren't considered to have super good looks, they were conservatively handsome and became an instant success. They outsold Paige models by more than two to one in the beginning, and even with prices three times higher than a Ford Model T it was still considered an excellent buy in its class, which included Hudson's Essex, Studebaker's Erskine (1924) and even Pontiac (1926).

Engine: Straight 6

Transmission: Manual

Seats: 2 + 



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