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1968 Chevrolet Impala

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Regarded as one of the best-looking American cars of the era, the '68 Impala was Chevrolet's full-size model of the day and was a top selling American car during the late 1960s. Originally launched back in 1958, the Impala underwent a dramatic restyling for 1967. With more rounded, 'Coke bottle' lines, only a mild facelift was deemed necessary for 1968 - a revised grille and tail treatment the only changes of note.

Positioned in the US above the Biscayne and Bel Air models in Chevrolet's line-up, the Impala shared the same basic styling but came with a lot more standard equipment. Notable features included hidden windscreen wipers and the Astro ventilation system that directed better airflow to the front and rear compartments. Chevrolet offered an extensive range of body styles, including the sedan, hardtop, fastback, custom coupe (with formal top roofline poached from the Caprice), convertible and station wagon. There were a myriad of engine and transmission combinations sold, ranging from a 250-cid six-cylinder through to the classic 327-cid V8. Budding drag racers, however, could still order the Super Sport package with the tyre-shredding 385 hp 427-cid V8. A total of 710,900 Impalas left the production line in 1968. In Australia and New Zealand, the Impala was sold through Holden's dealer network.

Records show that this car was US-assembled - even though it is in RHD form. In which case the Tarrytown, New York plant would have been its point of production. However, research suggests that it is more likely to have originated from the GM Canada Oshawa factory due to our colonial ties with this country. On 18 February 1992 it was registered in New Zealand . Motive power is a 307-cu inch V8.

This is a 1968 model year vehicle, it should be noted that 1969 was the final year of factory produced RHD cars to be sold Downunder

Engine: V8

Transmission: Auto

Seats: 5


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