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1934 Ford Roadster


 1934 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

Project 34 was launched in the Feb 1991 issue of Hot Rod Magazine and was a two-fold assignment, first to promote the 1992 Street Nats and secondly to showcase the build-up of a street rod conforming to new Ministry of Transport reg’s aimed at low volume vehicles. Danny Neilson and Darryl Gates were the project managers. In the Sept 1991 issue it was announced that Project 34 was to be the Lucky Door Prize at their ‘92 Nats. One hell of an incentive to attend! The rod’s build-up concluded in the June ‘92 issue with a colour pin-up, a review of the 16-month project, and announcing the winner. 

Vehicle: 1934 Ford Roadster RHD

Engine: V8

Transmission: Manual

Seats: 2



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