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Rickenbacker Model C


Unique Rentals most Unique vehicle!

Only 27,419 Rickenbacker's were made between 1922 to 1927 but only 101 remain and this one is believed to be the only one outside of the United States and the only factory right hand drive in the World. The vehicle was imported new into NZ in 1924. 

Edward Rickenbacker was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1890 to Swiss parents, and became known as ''Fast Eddie'', racing four times in the Indianapolis 500 before World War I.

He went on to become America's top fighter pilot in World War 1, with 26 aerial victories - 22 aircraft and four balloons - as part of the 94th aero pursuit squadron, famously known as the ''hat in the ring'' squadron. 

The Rickenbacker Motor Company started up in 1920 in a factory in Detroit, and made its debut at the New York auto show in 1922.

The ''hat in the ring'' became the company's official emblem.

Mr Rickenbacker announced in 1923 the company's cars would have brakes on all four wheels.

However, Ford and Studebaker, which offered cars with brakes on only two wheels, led a campaign against the innovation, describing it as dangerous.

That and other issues resulted in production ceasing in 1927.

Mr Rickenbacker died in Switzerland in 1973.

The price of a Rickenbacker in its day was equivalent to nine Fords.

1924 Rickenbacker Model C

Engine: Straight 6

Transmission: Manual

Seats: 2  

$850.00 per day self drive

2 hours with driver $800.00

3 hours with driver $980.00

4 hours with driver $1,050.00


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